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Principal's Message

I am thrilled to be the principal here at Narbonne High School. I served the Narbonne community from 2005 to 2012. During that time, I had an opportunity to work as an assistant principal under Mr. Kobata, who just retired. Returning to Narbonne feels like coming home again.



I have lived in the south bay most of my life. An immigrant from Cuba, I grew up in this area, attending LAUSD schools, where I learned English as a second language. I graduated from our neighboring Carson High School, and I attended UCLA, receiving a degree in English and a teaching credential there. I began my teaching career at Long Beach Unified School District. I taught English, ESL, Spanish, and social studies classes at Lakewood High School for nine years. Then I moved to LAUSD. For another nine years, I taught ESL and English at Gage Middle School in the Huntington Park area. I also worked as the Title 1 Coordinator and the Literacy Coach at Gage MS until I was hired here at Narbonne. After Narbonne, I transferred to Fleming Middle School and then Dodson. Last year, I served as the principal of Cabrillo Avenue Elementary.



My varied assignments have given me a broader understanding of the K-12 system. Our students come to us after years at the elementary and middle schools, and I now have a better understanding about the academic experiences that have shaped them.



I am honored to serve Narbonne High School. I have been given a marvelous administrative team that brings years of experience and a plethora of skills: Jennifer Baxter from Diego Rivera Learning Complex, Colin Donohoe from Fleming Middle School, and Gina Kim from Gardena High School. Ms. Akilah Calhoun, an assistant principal at Narbonne for over five years, has left us for a principal position, and we are currently seeking another AP to join us. Like our staff and our student body at large, the administrative team is made up of a diverse group of individuals that forms one community. We respect the backgrounds, beliefs, and viewpoints of others because our diversity is our strength.