Principal's Message

Dear Narbonne Families:


We are facing difficult times, the coronavirus pandemic leading to never-before-seen school closures, business paralysis, and the loss of jobs and financial security for many families. The District is currently navigating long distance learning, a concept new to our students and staff, and providing the infrastructure to support students in the virtual classroom.


In order to continue supporting our students in learning through this extended period, we are meeting with our Narbonne staff to create standards-based lessons and assessments that can be completed online, a working schedule that students can follow without conflicts between their classes, and office hours to provide access to their teachers for feedback on their work.


Teachers will be posting their assignments and schedules on Schoology. Please make sure that your student logs into Schoology every day during the school week. S/he is responsible for submitting the work in order to receive graduation credit. The ten and fifteen-week grade reports will be posted on Schoology, as we lack access to our school offices to print and mail the grades to your homes.


If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me through email:


Also available through email are our assistant principals. Please see below for their areas of responsibility and contact information.


Jennifer Baxter (custodial staff, social studies, p.e. and athletic teams)

Colin Donohoe (testing, SAS, ELA and ELD programs)

Lavon Flowers (special education, science department)

Gina Kim (class schedules, twelfth grade activities, electives, student records)

Desiree Montoya (magnets, attendance and enrollment, technology)


I hope that we can be of service to you so that you can continue assisting your student at home. Now more than ever, we must forge an effective partnership to provide academic and socio-emotional support for our students as they complete their studies during this tumultuous year.