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Ms. Catron's Welcome Page

My name is Sarah Catron-Medved and I am a Pupil Service and Attendance Counselor under the A-G Diploma Project Program. I work with students who are behind in credits and help them try and get caught up, so that they can graduate. I work at Narbonne, Harts Academy, and Patton. If you or your child is behind in credits and/or needs information about how to get help to recover credits, I am in E1 and can be reached at (310) 257-4748.


Resource Fair

Patton Continuation High School will be hosting a Resource Fair for it's students. It will be held from 8 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Different colleges, universities, outside agencies, and branches of military will be there to provide information to students.

Chipolte Event

Students working with the A-G counselors who have passed all of their classes from the first semester, will be recognized with a certificate. A certain number of these students will be selected from this group to have lunch from Chipolte. This event will be help February 2nd during lunch time in D9.