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Scholarships provide students with financial aid to help pay fo the cost of attending college. A scholarship is free money that does not have to be repaid. Some Scholarships are based on merit (i.e., grades and GPA) and others are based on the student's financial need. A scholarship might cover the entire cost of a student's tuition or can be a one-time award of a few hundred dollars 

Where to find Scholarships?
Local community organizations, internet, Naviance and the Narbonne College Center.
Many scholarships require students to complete an application and some combination of the following:
  • Essay
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • High School transcript
  • Financial aid forms - FAFSA, CA Dream Act and the CSS Profile 
  • Parent's financial information
  • Interview


  • Fastweb
  • U.S. Department of Labor Scholarship Finder
  • Broke Scholar
  • College Board's Big Future
Narbonne's Fall 2020 Scholarship List
To view the Narbonne Fall 2020 Scholarship list, go to: