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NHS 2021-22 Campus Clubs


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Art Club

President – Elizabeth Martinez

Vice President – TBD

Advisor – Zitkovich

Elizabeth Martinez 

[email protected]

Tuesday and Thursday during Lunch

Art Club provides students to both improve their art skills, as well as find a community of people through art and it’s activities. The club provides in person art lessons during lunch, as well as occasional activities to help students participate in artistic projects even if they aren’t in an art class. 



President - Mekilah Tucker

V. President - Kylah Roque

Advisor -  Pantoja

Mekilah Tucker

[email protected] 

Mondays & Wednesdays



ASL Club is provided to improve sign language skills, and spread Deaf and Hard of Hearing awareness to any person in our local community. It is our goal to use and teach how to communicate using a signed language.

Associated Student Body

President – Elizabeth Martinez

V. President – Mai Polk

Secretary – Angela Gutierrez

Treasurer – Samyiah Bryant

Historian – Leianna Kuaea

Spirit Commissioner – Mekilah Tucker

Social Media Manager – Chloe Echon

Advisor - Aldridge

Elizabeth Martinez 

[email protected] 

Daily during Period 4 

MISSION: To listen and communicate with ALL stakeholders; to respect, recognize and promote student activities and achievement across the entire campus; and to never settle for less than our best.


Black Student Union

President – Breanna Bonner

V. President – Nicole Onyeagoro

Secretary – 

Treasurer – 

Historian - 

Advisor - Smith & Le Blanc

Breanna Bonner

[email protected] 

Insta: @gauchobsu

Every Tuesday @ lunch

The Black Student Union promotes the social, political, cultural, and intellectual development of students at Narbonne through diversity, academics, and community service. We welcome members of all ethnic and cultural groups who are willing to advocate for the empowerment and freedom of Black people everywhere.

Boys and Girls Club

Advisor - Vargas

[email protected] 

Daily (2-6pm)

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. We achieve this through quality programs and services in an environment that is safe, nurturing and inspiring.


President – Hazel Reyes

V. President – Vacant

Secretary –  Vacant

Treasurer –  Vacant

Advisor - Peoples


After School and Lunch

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe

Drama Club

Advisor- Martinovich



President- Ryley Oxford 

V. President- Samyiah 

Secretary- Jessica 

Advisor- Augustus 


Twice a month for general

Meetings for activities TBD 

Create a fun and safe space for black girls. 

Learn and celebrate the black women and girls in history who have helped shape our society. Get others to learn the magic that comes from black women and girls. 



President- Ekene Duru

V. President- Betsaida Quevedo


Advisor- Botiller 


Mondays at 


Feminist club is a supportive space to challenge sexism in all the ways it overlaps with differences like race, class, ethnicity, religion, gender expression and sexual orientation. We aim to advocate for gender equality, diversity, and for all members to have a voice

French Club

President – Ivy Mendez

V. President – Susana Garcia

Secretary – Alondra Aguilar 

Treasure - Celeste Villareal

Publicist - Delilah Wilcox 

Historian- Hector Garcia

Advisor - Espinoza

Ivy Mendez: [email protected] 

Insta: narbonnefrenchclub

Every other thursday starting November 5 at 2:30 pm 


Essence Club

President - Ryley Oxford

V. President - Samyiah Bryant 

Secretary- Jessica Alvarado 

Treasurer - Yhalania McDonald 

Ryley Oxford: [email protected] 

Instagram: gauchosessence 

Twice a month for general(beginning and end of month). Activity meetings will vary 

Create a fun and safe space for black girls. 

Learn and celebrate the black women and girls in history who have helped shape our society. Get others to learn the magic that comes from black women and girls. 

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

President – Olivia Remedios

V. President –Dominique Murillo 

Secretary – Victoria Hernandez

Treasurer – Alexis Hooper

Advisor - Loeb

Olivia Remedios

[email protected]


Tuesdays, Lunch

See GSA Constitution, Article 2

Junior Class Council

President - Alexi Ortega

V. President -Elisha Angustia

Secretary - Jasmine Avilez

Advisor- Aldridge

Alexi Ortega - [email protected]

Instagram - @2023.gauchos



The class councils will work to create and promote Unity, Pride, and Academic Achievement amongst each graduating class. 

Key Club

President – Betsaida Quevedo

V. President – Banessa Ramirez

Secretary – Prince Nwalozie

Treasurer – Adriana Mendoza

Advisor - Charest

Betsaida Quevedo

[email protected]


Every other Friday at lunch

Key Club provides its members with opportunities to build service, build character, develop leadership, and make a positive impact by serving others in our school and community.


President – Shashwat Shrestha

V. President – Katherine Ortiz

Secretary – 

Treasurer – 

Advisor - Arreola




President – 

V. President – Ivy Mendez

Secretary – 

Treasurer – 

Advisor -




Mental Health Awareness Club

President – Dianaily Rios

V. President – Banessa Ramirez

Secretary – Ariel Ponce

Treasurer – Alejandra Cervantes Perez

Historian - Betsaida Quevedo

Advisor - Ms. Kono


Thursdays during lunch

The purpose of the Mental Health Awareness Club is to help those struggling with their mental health and raise the awareness of these issues, to educate others on what mental health really is, to break mental health stigma, to provide support as an inclusive and safe space, to promote self-love and self-acceptance, and to advocate for mental health services at every school site.

National Honor Society

President –Shashwat Shrestha

V. President –Ariana Sanchez

Secretary –Mai Polk

Treasurer –Kylah Roque

Tutoring Chairs -Elizabeth Martinez & Jasmine Avillez

Community Chairs -Prince Nwalozie & Jeremiah Aquino

Advisor - Aldridge

Shashwat Shrestha

[email protected] 

Wednesdays during Lunch

NHS looks to elevate our schools commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.



President- Betsaida Quevedo

V. President- Ekene Duru

Advisor- Bermudez


Wednesdays at lunch

Operation Smile is an international medical charity that has provided hundreds of thousands of free surgeries for children and young adults in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities.

Red Cross

President – Ivy Mendez

V.President – betsaida quevedo

Secretary – chloe echon

Treasurer- angela gutierrez lopez 

Advisor – Coe

Ivy Mendez- [email protected]

Insta: narbonneredcross 

Wednesdays during lunch

Room O-1


Big event is the Sping Blood drive planned with the assumption that we will return to school during spring semester



Robotics and Engineering

President – Isaiah Lewis

V.President – 

Secretary – 

Treasurer – 

Advisor - Paskowitz

Isaiah Lewis

[email protected] 

Tuesday at Lunch

Room F-4

Narbonne's Robotics and Engineering Club hopes to inspire young engineers to seek new opportunities to develop skills that will push the engineer's interest. We engage in Robotics and Engineering competitions against other schools. Compete in the Varsity Sport for the Mind!

Senior Class Council

President- Lupe Rosas

V. President- Kylah Roque

Secretary- Rochelle Hampton 

Treasurer - Julisa Solares 

Historian- Roxana Fuentes

Advisor- Aldridge

Lupe Rosas

[email protected] 


Monthly, Lunch, Room O4

The class councils will work to create and promote Unity, Pride, and Academic Achievement amongst each graduating class. 

Shogi Club

President – Brandon Liao

V. President – Maya Flores

Secretary – 

Treasurer –

Advisor - Ortiz

Brandon Liao: 

[email protected] 

Monday’s at lunch



Shogi Club aims to inspire members to understand the beauty of Japanese chess, with videos and online tools to sharpen skills, no matter what skill level members are at.

Sophomore Class Council

President - Isabella Payumo

V. President - Angelic Gomez

Secretary - Malaika Onyia

Advisor - Aldridge

Isabella Payumo

[email protected] 


Monthly, TBD, Room O4

Create school and class unity.

Give students a voice in class decision making.

Promote school spirit and academic achievement.


President – Ivy Mendez

V. President – katelyn requeno

Secretary – Susana Garcia

Treasurer – Luis heredia 

Publicist- Cristofer

Historian- Jonathan Martinez 

Advisor - Ahlawat

Ivy Mendez 

[email protected]

instagram: narbonneunicef

Thursdays during lunch

Room O-7


Unicef Club is a service club designed to empower youth in the United States with the resources and skills to be effective global citizens - thinking globally and acting locally for the world's most vulnerable children.

Writers’ Club

President – Alondra Aguilar

V. President – 

Secretary – 

Treasurer – 

Advisor - Ortiz

Alondra Aguilar 

[email protected]

Thursdays @ lunch

Room O-5

Writers Club aims to  search for scholarships, explore the benefits and intricacies of writing, and enrich members’ experiences with writing and telling stories.

Club Rush Materials
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